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Dec. 16

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It is a proud moment for a company when one of the employees get invited for an event hosted by another reputed institute. LetsNurture had one of its gratified moments when Maulik Rathod, one of our very skilled Python developers, was invited to present a training session at Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology in Rajkot, Gujarat.

Python is one of the best open source programming language which offers OOP features of any other high-level language. Also, Python Programming Language is considered a scripting language that interprets commands one line at a time. A training session on advanced Python by Maulik Rathod was recorded on 12th December 2016. This session fulfilled the purpose of indulging knowledge about the advanced learning of Python.

Synopsis of the advanced Python session

The beneficiaries of this session were around 30 faculties of reputed institutes like Atmiya college, Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology and many others from Rajkot, Gujarat. The faculties belonged to the computer department of their respective organizations. The management team of Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology seemed to be really helpful. Also, it was a pleasure hosting a training session for them.

The first 2 hours session was about the introduction of Python, zen of Python, applications of Python, operating system interface and exception handling. It was then followed by lunch. The second session paced up with training on timers, virtual environment setup, Socket programming and basic of Django with a hands-on practice. A quick question/answer segment furthermore followed the event.

Successful “Python Programming Language” training segment

The event ended by the appreciation by Mayur Padia, Assistant Professor, C.E Department, Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajkot, Gujarat. Maulik was very much pleased to receive the token of appreciation. It was moreover a really a gratified gesture from the management team of Darshan sInstitute of Engineering and Technology.

It is a pleasure for LetsNurture to have such a talented employee on board. With the growth of the organization, we aim at the furthermore growth of the individuals as well. We thrive to train them on new trends and let them explore bigger opportunities. This training session being one of those, we were glad for our employee.

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