6 features needs to integrated in a mobile app help to Reduce Obesity

6 features needs to integrated in a mobile app help to Reduce Obesity

25 Nov. 16
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These days obesity has become the most common amongst people. It is getting mandatory to reduce obesity. According to the reports, the numbers has doubled compared to the statistics of 1980. It’s not only male or female are suffering from obesity, every aged person is suffering from it and mainly children are also suffering from the same.

Obesity leads to diseases like heart pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and much more. Current statistics reports that these days not just the aged people but also youngsters ( age 14 -25 years) from obesity and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Obesity mainly happens due to unhealthy food habits and less amount of workouts. But the bigger question is how one can overcome from such threatening condition?

Are you able to follow diet charts in busy schedules?

In our fast paced life, all of us are running in our busy schedules to achieve our goals and dreams. In hassle schedules, we normally skip our meals or eat unhealthy food and even skip daily exercises which in end result to obesity. Normally a person spends more than 3 hours daily on his smartphones. Won’t it be wiser to include the ways to manage calories, the awareness of increasing fat and the tips to reduce the fat and much more related to it the mobile application itself?

Yes, of course, this is the important feature which will improve our health though we are busy in our regular busy schedules. Diet charts, exercise schedules and real-time diagnosis of the health helps to keep a regular monitor on the health to reduce obesity.

To overcome the burning issue of obesity many technological geeks came up with various features in their apps and their efforts actually helped many to manage their fat to lose their apps. You must be wondering how your mobile app can help to put down your calories to look slim and trim?

Fitbit, the most used and helpful app to lose weight is with the current trends. Other apps like Evernote, Lose it and much more are also in trends and helping the users to stay fit and fine. Going to the gym, paying a dietitian and following their hilarious diet charts are much more costly for a user, rather than just downloading the app and manage all the charts right from diet to BMI and weight loss chart to reduce obesity.

What to include in the app to reduce obesity?

mhealth is common in today’s life. If one can use mpisa for payments, then why not mhealth based apps to lose their weight. LetsNurture is actively developing the healthcare based iPhone and android applications. We also have the experience in the wearable based applications. The team at LetsNurture understands well your requirements to keep your users fit and healthy.

In an app which helps to reduce obesity, following features are included by us. Features do vary as per your requirements.

  1. Calories Tracker:

     The tracker can help to know about the deposition of fat in various parts of the body and eventually with the workouts a number of calories that you put down. BMI can also be measured right from the app.

  2. Exercise Chart:

    The workout chart in the weight loss app helps to know about the exercises of various parts of the body to lose fat and this tutorial is available in gif or video type which helps the users to comfortably learn the exercise.

  3. Nutrient Diet Chart:

    The diet chart contains the complete details of your daily meals and the stats of the calorie which you intake and the amount that you burn.

  4. Graphic Numeric of the daily chart:

    This is possible when the app is integrated with the wearable device. It gives the precise results of the activities and the resultant weight loss or gain of the day. The graph is also available to showcase you the result of your daily activities.

  5. Alerts of the Reminder:

    Notifications do help to remind us regarding the skip tasks. It alerts us even in the busy schedules. Alerts as per your convenience can also be added right in the app.
  6. Goals:

    Goals to lose the weight can be fixed and regular alerts remind you for the same. Also the prompt regarding the goal is accomplished or not is available.

LetsNurture has experienced over 8 years in developing a mobile app and web solutions. We have developed many healthcare based apps, and for fitness, we crafted Vitness Rx App. Vitness Rx is an integrated fitness solution that assesses your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and gives you corresponding exercise “prescriptions” that optimize performance. These features help to reduce obesity and become fit and fine. If you are looking for the similar solution contact us at info@letsnurture.com.   


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