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May. 13

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Last year it was 48, now it is 52. WordPress website development is reigning now and is becoming widely accepted as a blogging & CMS platform. Pingdom has just released new list for top 100 blog. WordPress website development technology has almost 65 million websites in the world.


WordPress is used by one of the top news/media websites like Mashable,Techcrunch, thenextweb and 7 Blogs of Newyorktimes.

Do you know which CMS Platform is used by Twitter?

Twitter’s blog was previously hosted on Blogger but now it  is moved to drupal CMs.

To know more about other blogging framework used by top 100 blogs you can check Pingdom’s blog post here..

What is the future of blogging?

Blogging is a first proven strategy of reaching out to audience. It is one of the most required inbound marketing strategy.   Blogging is very important to drive community to your website.  As we know bloggers are human and we have seen people have now tendencies to read personalized content instead of generalized content.  We foresee a very steady and strong future of blogging & bloggers on internet.


WordPress Web Development at LetsNurture

At LetsNurture, we have thrived in providing WordPress web development services. You also can hire WordPress developers of ours who love to work on WordPress technology as it enables them to have a control on the layout of the site and make it easy for the clients to make edits whenever needed. Apart from configuring some of the best plugins for your website, we will also conduct regular visits and tests to ensure that it runs smoothly. Rest assure when you work with us and know that your website is in good hands.


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