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Aug. 19

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In the incredibly demanding field of technology, Chatbots are exceptionally widespread today, primarily among companies seeking immediate customer service. In most substantial sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, and BFSI sectors, chatbots are now essential. Advancements in speed , accuracy, usability and affordability make them a necessity for businesses of all sizes.

A recent survey report by Chatbot Magazine on Global trends in Chatbots found that 69 per cent of consumers prefer chatbots to traditional forms of communication.Studies show that 85 percent of all varieties of commercial-customer interaction will incorporate chatbots by 2020, and then by 2025, the international chatbot market will exceed $1.23 billion.

By 2020, mobile communication applications will be used by more than 25% of the world’s inhabitants.In this context Chatbots are now increasingly used not just through forums or cellular facilities since these days customers mostly rely on live chat for conversations.But sometimes the call went unanswered because the calls received by the employees had a typical waiting time of three minutes which push clients back in an age of anticipated immediate validation. Chatbots resolve this problem by providing scalable, effortless and reliable customer service for use in any form, but notably instant messaging applications.

Quick Turnaround

Before developing a chatbot for your company, a thorough investigation , and evaluation of the business requirement is crucial, in order to have a correct knowledge of what is optimally suited for you and which technology is best suited for your business. Once the purpose of building a chatbot has been identified, the next question to consider is how much time it will take to prepare a chatbot. Depending on the difficulty of the task, the period needed to build a chatbot for your company can vary in between 2 weeks to 3 months.

If web applications or APIs exist, you can readily customize the current business logic to your mobile apps.

Saving Cost on Skill Development

By adding the resources needed to support different business strands and languages, the headcount and skill sets needed to serve customers around the clock will also be increased.Here the virtual assistant Chatbots acts as the first line of defense, and human agents can only be escalated by more complex inquiries.Regardless of whether a call is raised to a human specialist, the chatbot “holds on” to the call.About half of the client support calls received are for routine demands that can be rapidly resolved with the help of bots.

Chatbots manage thousands of requests from customers in various languages at once. Not only can they operate with multiple languages, they can also comprehend distinct intentions. This makes them very versatile and useful, particularly for global businesses. Sometimes it is difficult to train or locate some native speakers, so these bots are a useful option.

Chatbots also provide coherent answers that can be used without bias to evaluate client reactions. This enables companies to enhance their business policies since it is difficult for humans to remember every part of a conversation, and analyze all the details to improve services and help meet better customer expectations.

For a well-rounded and strong customer service approach, chatbots are becoming vital. Chatbots provide answers and assistance that can either reinforce or replace the need for personal involvement in two-way human intervention. This reduces operational costs, and also results in much greater customer satisfaction rates over time.

Saving cost on Specialized hiring

Chatbots can assist companies to save on client delivery expenses by accelerating response rates, enabling representatives for more difficult jobs and responding up to 80% of regular issues.Exactly, during this point, we will require the chatbot integration to visit assistance from a live chat agent. At the very least, clients will be glad to get an appreciated message from a chatbot disclosing to them the specific time they will get answers for their difficulties, particularly when the arrangement has not been customized to the bot yet.

While chatbots can’t completely replace customer service agents, they can save money significantly, as you don’t have to deploy customer service representatives to manage the repetitive queries of your customers.

Proven expertise guaranteeing successful implementation

Besides the fundamental components of technology, knowledge management pushes a chatbot to the finest of its objective. It is essential to have an enhanced knowledge database as the responses to client queries are based largely on the same. In addition, information needs to be tailored for customer understanding to promote human-like interactions.

There should be a single concrete knowledge framework behind a chatbot as telecom companies need to produce coherent levels across lines. A data structure with edited content focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP) crosses the gap between user’s complex demands and the distribution of alternative solutions in real-time.

Minimal R&D cost for feasibility check and technical exploration

The estimated price of building a chatbot can vary anywhere in between $6000 and $12240.
The expenses are generally lower, so you can assume to pay about $10,000 to $15,000 for custom backend chatbots which can also be connected to third-party integrations and CRM and for a small business a Facebook Messenger chatbot can cost around $ 2,000 to $ 5,000.

Basically, there are two types of Chatbots – AI-based and Command based

The Command based Chatbot is based on the set of rules and is limited in terms of conversing with visitors. These type of chatbot can only react to the command and cannot become smart. However, these chatbots are one dimensional and are the least expensive to create and provide effortless development and integration whereas the AI-based chatbot application with each newly held conversation, AI-powered chatbots can comprehend human language, manage actual conversations, and consistently become smarter.Except for the capacity to execute everything that command-based chatbots can do, AI-driven chatbots can create real-time choices, provide quick customer support, and server analytics.

Intelligent chatbots involve a knowledge of machine learning, AI and NLP technologies, as well as back-end design abilities and a deep knowledge of a variety of languages and technologies.AI opens up a whole new opportunities, as this generic term includes an array of functionality that enables software to perform tasks that are being frequently performed by humans.The processing of natural language is the core of AI-driven chatbots. The received text can be processed by chatbots using advanced NLP algorithms are then interpret, infer, and determine what might be intended (written or said) and then define a sequence of appropriate actions.

Why choose Let’s Nurture for Chatbot App development?

Let’s Nurture is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified leading Software Development Company. Empowered with AI Technologies, NLP, and Machine Learning technologies, we, at Let’s Nurture, offer complete Social Media Chatbot Solutions and ever since its existence, Chatbot development has been a core service of Let’s Nurture, have developed a number of applications depending upon diverse business needs.


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