5 Food Companies who have expanded user base via Amazon Alexa Skills


May. 19

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Hey, are you the owner of a pizza shop, restaurant, coffee shop or an online food ordering/ delivery marketplace platform? If you own any of these, then you must be thinking of bringing in technology innovations to the picture to see off competitors.

Many existing food businesses and startups are facing fierce competition in food industry. So what can be done? How to make your mark in the market? Of course adoption of various technology solutions like iBeacon, Internet of Things (IoT) and custom mobile app development have helped a lot.

But the one modest innovation we are looking at for food businesses is the custom developed Amazon Alexa Voice Skills. Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are gaining popularity leveraging Voice Skill development and businesses have started realizing its potential.

Top 5 Food Companies Reaping Rewards through Alexa Skills

Every single week, the volume of Alexa Skills development is surging and businesses are adopting customized Alexa skills given the benefits of voice first technology. Let us take a look at 5 Food and beverage companies who have successfully adopted Alexa skills for their business and reaped rewards.

1. Dominos


Ordering a Pizza from Dominos is a straightforward process in most of the cases. Customers order their favourite pizzas to the same location with the same card (Credit/ Debit) details. This was the perfect case while experimenting custom Alexa skill back in 2013. And guess what? It was a bingo.

Alexa is making ordering your Domino’s favorites even easier. With the Domino’s skill, you can build a new order from scratch, place your Easy Order or your most recent order. You can ask Alexa for your order’s status with Domino’s Tracker.

To get started, just say “Alexa, open Domino’s.” Alexa will connect you to Domino’s and get you ordering and tracking in no time.

Dominos Alexa Skill :

2. GrubHub


Grubhub is a leading online and mobile food ordering and delivery marketplace dedicated to connecting diners with local takeout restaurants. We at Let’s Nurture are experts in ideating clone food delivery apps for Zomato, Grubhub, etc. Hence, we exactly know the nature of food ordering process and customer demands for the same.

Grubhub Introduces its Amazon Alexa Skill “Reorder with Grubhub” to make food ordering easier than ever before. The new Grubhub skill for Alexa will make it easier for customers to reorder food from Grubhub’s network of more than 50,000 restaurants using only their voice.

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Diners can then open the Grubhub skill for Alexa with a selection of prompts such as, “Alexa, open Grubhub” or, “Alexa, tell Grubhub I’m hungry”. Alexa will respond with, “Welcome to Grubhub! Here are the latest orders available for reorder”. Diners can then choose which option they would like to reorder and Alexa places the order for the diner providing an estimated time of when it will be ready.

Grubhub Alexa Skill:

3. Starbucks


Amazon Alexa skills can also be used effectively to transform customer experience for cafes too. Now leveraging Amazon Alexa skills, users can tell Alexa to to place your favourite coffee or anything else from the shop.

American coffee company and coffeehouse Starbucks does not require an introduction, does it? Starbucks recently released a skill for Alexa which allows you to place your favorite order using only your voice. The setup is quick, but requires a little more work than your typical Alexa skill.

To be able to use the skill, you will needed to have previously placed an order for a drink using the Starbucks app. If you haven’t, you will need to place an order through the app first.

Just say, “Alexa, enable Starbucks Reorder.” To be able to use the skill, you will needed to have previously placed an order for a drink using the Starbucks app. If you haven’t, you will need to place an order through the app first.

After you’ve placed an order with the Starbucks app, you will be able to setup and use the skill. Just say, “Alexa, open Starbucks.” Alexa will then tell you what your usual order is, how much it costs and for which store the order will be placed. You will then need to confirm or cancel the order. Isn’t it that simple? What else could be better for a hands free coffee ordering experience on-the-go?

Starbucks Reorder Alexa Skill :

4. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)


KFC is America’s fast food restaurant chain who also has come up with an innovative Alexa Skill called ‘KFC Chicken Talk’ in KFC Canada. For India, they have come up with custom Alexa Skill called ‘KFC India’ too. By enabling this custom Alexa skill, KFC has been successful in bringing the next-gen eating experience by building on factors like ease of access, digital menus, personalized engagement, etc.

With ‘KFC Chicken Talk’, a finger lickin’ good conversation starts where Alexa will entertain users with multiple jokes, pick-up lines, random thoughts and musings based on one thing only, Chicken. Just say, “Alexa, Talk Chicken To Me” and brace yourself to get served with a whole new experience.

“KFC India” users can ask Alexa to order their favourite finger lickin’ dishes by saying, “Alexa, Launch KFC”. Just sit back, relax and wait for your meal to arrive at your doorstep.

KFC Chicken Talk :

KFC India :

5. Apothic Wines


Apothic Wines are among the most distinctively branded and popular wines among millennial consumers. They have come up with their own Alexa skill with a purpose to create an at-home experience that could deepen consumer engagement with the brand and educate current customers more about other Apothic varietals.

Users can ask Alexa to provide a guided wine tasting led by the Alchemist. Probably the best use of voice first technology for Wine lovers. Exploring Apothic Wines has just been hell lot of easier than before leveraging custom Alexa skill development.

Apothic Wine Alexa Skill:

Why even Big Brands are Adding Voice Skills to their Omnichannel Strategy?

Forbes reports that More than 50 percent of food menu searches will be voice-based by 2020.

Businesses of any size in food industry is focusing on developing and implementing custom voice skills on the app. There are multiple reasons associated with it:

Enhanced and Personalised Customer Experience:

Leveraging custom Alexa skill development and/ or Actions on Google (AoG) development, food business owners can provide a consistent, reliable and quality customer experience. Voice activated menu access and ordering process are the biggest factors that will boost sales too, because people are loving hands free customer service experience with almost zero follow ups.

Potential to Increase ROI for Food Businesses

Customers can order online complex menu items involving multiple preparation styles, accompaniments and sides, add special instructions, review their order and place it easily, increasing ROI.

Improved Operations & Productivity

Alexa can help staff to be more productive throughout the day and stay focused on orders. Custom voice skills can be built to enable staff to manage calendars, make calls, track to-do lists and find information such as the latest sales data, or inventory levels.

Why Choose Let’s Nurture for Restaurant Specific Alexa Skill Development?

Let’s Nurture is a leading voice skill development company in India, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia offering end-to-end voice services and solutions for Google Home and Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Smart speakers. Having developed multiple voice skills, in-house and for client, you can hire our dedicated Alexa Skill Developers with different flexible engagement models at affordable costs.

The variety of custom voice skills developed by us, for the smart assistant, back many products from diverse sectors like food and beverages, entertainment, task management, home automation, healthcare/telemedicine and extends much beyond this.

If you own a restaurant, cafe or online food marketplace and looking to have similar next-gen voice solutions to boost ROI, let’s shake hands to build something awesome!


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