3 Tips to reduce iPhone App Size


Feb. 17

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Internal Storage is one of the common issues right now for iPhone users. The most annoying notification ‘Storage Almost Full: you can manage your storage in Settings’ on your iPhone.Full storage notification popups almost 10 times a minute on your iPhone! The main reason behind the wastage of iPhone memory, aside from music, photos and videos is cache. Any iOS app assembles a lot of caches, specifically if they do not clear cache. This is must to take care at tyhe time of iPhone app development.

Let’s go some deeper into the problem! If you are owning an iPhone of 16GB internal space, you have too many limitations to be faced as 4GB is already reserved for OS and the rest for the iOS apps. Now, can you get rid of storing documents and image and video files? Also, there  are limitations to take snaps and record video. You have to compromise with the storage of your iPhone. Besides, OS you need a large number of GBs for storage of your documents. This results in an iPhone 16GB user, that they are bound to space constraints. This can be taken care from the iPhone app development perspective itself.

This naturally results in deleting the app taking too much space when the device demands a vacated space. It becomes necessary for the iPhone developers to develop their apps lightweight.  Let’s see the tips to reduce the size of the app

1. App Thinning

The fragmenting of code into series of code for an iOS app is termed as app thinning. This will help the developer to set the segments of the codes for the user to utilize in bits as required. Memory and space management is optimized with the help of App thinning.

Any iOS app built using this special feature are not only faster but also respond quickly and grant the users a high-quality experience. With this app optimization solution, iPhone app development would not only allow utilizing minimum space but also provide more features to the audience. However, only an iOS 9 or above can leverage most of the features.
Another method that follows app thinning is asset slicing. Also, it is the most convenient way of taking advantage of app resource slicing is via asset bundles.This allows the distribution of several variants of the iOS app by reducing the load from the entire asset class. It provides a compatible solution for many targeted devices. App slicing can pack more assets into the initial app bundle and still stay within the 100MB over-the-air download limit.

2. Bitcode

Compiling code as an intermediate representation is termed as bit code. iOS app developers would not need to submit or upload a new version of the app in the store. Infact, bit code directly links the iPhone app to the store. 

With mobile devices, the code size becomes more important, mainly because the device itself has much less storage space than a typical hard drive.The developers can optimize and re-optimize the iOS app code without submitting the new version every time.

3. On-demand Resources

Apple explains On-demand resources as app contents that are hosted on the App Store and are separate from the related app bundle that you download. On-demand resources are hosted by TestFlight or your own web server. This resource slicing refers to a process where the assets float to the user as required instead of all at once.

iOS app developers need to assign a tag to each module/resource while building the app. Whenever there is a need of further assets, the tag is identified and utilized.

Along with app size, there are lot of other factors to take care of for mobile app development process. At Let’s Nurture, we take care of all the parameters to deliver quality results to our clients. We have a well-skilled developers’ team to foster IT requirements of a business. If you have any query related to android app, iOS app or website development, please email us at


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