Service-On-Demand : Trending startup idea in 2016


Apr. 16

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When you hear someone asking for “UBER for X”, that’s nothing but the person is looking for “Service-On-Demand” solution. We are living in a time when everyone wants access to a platform where they can post their requirement and browse through the categories of services they want to hire professionals for. As consumers becoming increasingly lazy, there are still a number of ‘Uber for X’ markets and regional opportunities to capitalize on in 2016.

Here are some of the biggest industries that are ripe for on-demand disruption in 2016:

How LetsNurture can help you:

Letsnurture team has reviewed and analyzed the business requirement for an on demand service marketplace and come out with this great platform for professional offering various services and customers who are looking for professionals without the big financial burden of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

This is white label solution which can be customized, and new app would be ready in no time. After detailed review and analysis, to provide a robust platform for service providers and customers LN has come out with this great solution which offers lots of features.

Features for Customers:-

  • Browse Categories
  • Search and Filter Services offered
  • Browse Professionals
  • Access Review & Rating details
  • Book Service
  • Monitor Service Status Update in Real-time
  • Pay for Services with CC, Debit Card or Mobile Wallet
  • Rich Custom Notifications for Discounts/Offers/Coupons

Features for Professionals:-

  • Browse Service Requests
  • Search and Filter Based on Area and Amount
  • Check Customer’s Rating/Review
  • Accept and Update Job Status
  • View Account Balance
  • Request for Payment Release
  • Manage Profile(with work samples)
  • Real time alerts for new service requests

Common Features:-

  • Professional Verification System(Online/offline methods)
  • Native App Development for better performance & User Experience
  • Push Notification
  • Offline Access (schedule your requests)
  • Bid with Service Offers (For Professionals)

Letsnurture understood the ever increasing demand for verified professionals who can offer services as and when customers are looking for. This web portal and mobile apps provides easy to use interface with the help of which one can browse and select professionals quickly and order services.

If you have next “Service-On-Demand” a.ka. “UBER for X” solution in back of your mind, let us know. We can certainly help you out in converting your idea into reality.

Lets Nurture Possibilities Unlimited !!


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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