10 Debates and Technical Flaws That Might Redefine Programming!


Oct. 14

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It doesn’t matter what you are thinking, there is always a different opinion to consider from others. It might be either Savory Vs Sweet, every one has a different point of view for various topics. Similar is the case with programming languages. Here are 10 debates and technical rift that redefines programming in Php website development or android/ iOS mobile app development.

PHP Vs Node.js

PHP uses different frameworks in website development like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc. to add a new look to a website. Today most of the websites are build through PHP. Whereas Node.js is a JavaScript which runs on a server-based mechanism enabling to generate the code directly on the server. There is no need to learn different languages because there are many frameworks for Node.js which makes it better than PHP stacks. Now the question is will the developers adapt easy JavaScript coding or stick to most successful HTML coding?

Swift Vs Objective-C

Apple has always adapted Objective-C which is an object oriented programming in iPhone app development. But the times have changed for Apple with the release of Swift language that offers a modern syntax which is error free and the programmers can now avoid coding for Apple. The ones who have already learned C-Language will not have any problem but the ones who are from other platforms like Ruby, Python, Ruby etc. might have some distractions. It will be interesting to see from now that Python and Ruby developers will adapt iOS or Objective-C. Will the experienced developers of iOS app development rule the market just with Objective-C or will they shift to Swift?

MySQL Vs PostgreSQL

Easy installation and configuration makes MySQL a perfect open source database to complete the basic workload of the website. It also has an improved transaction ability. On the other side, PostgreSQL has a better mechanism to protecting the data and it has simplified its start-up hurdles. When it comes to comparison of both the open source databases, MySQL is considered to be speed and PostgreSQL is the most reliable.

Python Vs Ruby

Ruby, a scripting language, came into existence when it was added with a Rails framework. This decreases the number of coding lines to be written and it is simple to tie a front end to the database. On the other hand, Python is widely used in the labs and its statistical analysis can break out any corner of the world. What do others discuss about this topic. Are the Python’s in-build functions better than Ruby’s ‘blocks’? Python’s code with white space or Ruby’s Rails? What will this generation go for. A big question!


SQL database is pretty simple and the data can be stored in the tables and charts. When you search for any particular row or table, the database automatically matches them according your needs. NoSQL is known for its speed and parallelism, warns you when the things are not working properly and the database sends inconsistent results. Most of the banks and airlines go with SQL with real time transactions. Whereas the other ones choose NoSQL for simpler and speedy task completion.

JavaScript Vs Dart and Go

Google Web Toolkit, a cross-compiler that helps you to turn Java into JavaScript. You might have observed the stacks in the code for Gmail that it is not the handcrafted in the JavaScript. Later Google created two languages Dart and Go which might replace JavaScript in the browser. Both the languages seem to be performing well, but JavaScript might not perform well due to the browser stack. Will Dart and Go will replace the JavaScript in the future?

Chef Vs Puppet

Cloud services have made the tasks easy to run bunch of machines. Chef and Puppet are two latest tools to configure the cloud machines. Chef has a flexibility to configure the management

tool to write the instructions to create the machines in Ruby. Puppet is also capable of doing the same but the instructions given are as similar to JSON-like language. It gives you a chance to use a bit of Ruby and some other languages.

Hudson Vs Jenkins

Hudson is an official part of Eclipse Foundation and is run by numerous people at Oracle who transmitted the code from the Sun. The corporate attitude to build stable and serious tool for enterprises makes it a top-notch platform. Jenkins, a place where original hackers can experiment new things and it is much faster due to regular updates every week. Faster fixes for bugs might be the major issue for both the tools.

MySQL Vs MariaDB

MySQL, a proprietary tool bought by Oracle, left all the open source fans in a shock because they came to know about the tool that they never heard before. MariaDB is bit similar to MySQL but it differs because it has faster storage engines and new features. The biggest question is will the users adapt the new fork or will stick with the same? Time will speak everything.

Compiled Vs Scripting

Both the terms are almost similar in functionality, but the one thing that matter a lot for programmers is Just-In-Time compilers and optimizers. Compiling languages like C and Java which are supported by development suites are the best one to work on. While the scripting languages like Python, JavaScript and Ruby can be created within no time and can be pushed into a run-time interpreter.

These are few of the battles in the minds of developers. If you are a programmer this will surely keep you thinking and provide you with more knowledge about these languages and programs.

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