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Sep. 15

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Chromecast is becoming one of the most lovable devices in every household and people are contemplating to make more of it. The home theatre is just getting smarter with this tiny device, and with the support of the best Chromecast apps the entertainment would get luxurious. This tiny device is making the fun time a bigger thing, of course when we see the ‘bigger picture’ we feel better, literally. The sublimity lies in the use of the Chromecast when it is attached to a companion device.

Here we present the 1o best Chromecast apps for the Android mobile, that would elevate the user experience and makes the home entertainment a pleasurable experience.

Sainsbury’s Movie and TV (free):

You can watch thousands of popular and cult movies with the help of the Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand Movies & TV app. You can select the SD (standard definition) or HD(high definition) and stream using Wi-Fi, 3G/4G. This allows you to switch between the devices easily and thus giving a little scope to get annoyed. The renting charges are lower than the competitors like Amazon instant video. The app has an easy navigation system thus finding anything is so much easier.

Big Web Quiz (free):

The power of the Chromecast is getting stronger and this is one fine example. Get your friends play games with you, and they can  do this by connecting themselves easily to the chromecast. See the question on the big screen and answer as quickly as you can on your phone & take the fun to the next level. Ultimately the crux is to play like a pro and enhance your knowledge. After all the questions are generated through Google Knowledge Graph and global search trends that can make the game merrier.

Blink Box (pay as you use):

The blink box is one of the favorites for the people who earlier were addicted to the Netflix. Netflix is still that famous but unlike the famous counterpart, blink box doesn’t asks you to pay flat rates. So you pay for things you watch. Rent/ buy a movie/ TV series or download the content and watch it offline. Blink Box gets some of the releases earlier than the others. Download the latest movie and watch when you want to.

BT Sports (free):

Now the BT sport subscribers have yet another place to watch- BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Europe and BT Sport//ESPN live. Watch the live streaming of the events like European Rugby champion cup, SPL, Serie A, WTA tennis, Moto GP and Aviva Premiership Rugby union.  The news, fixtures, highlights and on-demand catch up of full BT sports programmes are add on with this amazing app.

iHeart Radio(free):

Like the name it allows you to connect your heart to the world of music. It doesn’t work on the FM transmitter but on the data so you have the choice to listen to it anywhere where data can be accessed. The top radio stations, music, news, podcast and comedy shows are available using this app.  Build your own custom radio station and listen to your beloved artists, your favorite music genre or get tuned to the sport news you have you are inclined to. Get tuned to the ‘Perfect for’ stations that let you listen to the music to enjoy the life’s small and lovely moments.

ES File Explorer(free):

Undoubtedly ranked as one of the best file managers. It allows you to cast video files  to the chromecast  from your device. Usually everyone has the file browser and moreover it is free!

Plex (free/premium):

Have loads of movies in your computer hard disk? Don’t worry. With the help of Plex now it is possible for you to enjoy any of the movies, music or shows to watch on any of the devices including the chromecast.  With Plex you have the chance to see the photos on the big screen, wherever you have kept them, you can play them all on the big TV with the help of this perfect organizer. You have the option to use the free version of the Plex before you jump to buy the Plex Pass subscription -OR- a small one-time in-app purchase  to go for the advanced version. You can use the free version to the extent you want, without any limitations. So with this app unleash the memories and share your personal media easily with your family and friends.

Bubble UP n P(free/ $4.69):

This app allows you to  stream videos, photos and music to various devices. It can access your media from different sources like DLNA devices, media servers and cloud storage services and media from other apps like web browser and file managers. It’s compatible with most current game systems, Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, tablets, etc. The two best features of this app are extensive chromecast support and faster internet connectivity. And if you want other advanced features, you need to pay an amount of $4.69 to get an access to those features.

CastPad for Chromecast (free/Premium):

The sketching app is a fun way to get your drawing and doodling heart be alive fully. It lets you draw on your phone, with the bigger and clearer picture visible live on the TV and on the other devices connected via Chromecast. The free version gives you a limited option of five colours- black, yellow, blue, red and white (acts as an eraser) and the premium version has infinite colour pickers and 30 pre set colours. Enjoy the drawing with your family members with this app.

TED (Free):

This may not be for everyone but this can be a great motivator for those who love to listen to the unbelievable feats and fascinating stories from the mouth of the achievers. This app has TED talks video library with subtitles available in over 90 languages. This beautiful app supports the chromecast and so you can play on your device or send it to your home entertainment system using chromecast of Android TV. Bookmark it or download it to watch later, you have numbers of options to keep yourself updated to the tales of the wonderful people out there who have made a difference in the world with their achievements.

So download these apps now and get going with the Chromecast and entertain yourself like never before.


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