10 Amazing UI Kits to Blow your Mind


Mar. 13

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UI_Kit Today we have decided to bring to you some of the best UI Designs out there under the creative commons license that you can use to design your interfaces. That is right some really eye-popping drool worthy interface designs that you can use to interfaces without anybody suing you for anything.  These are some of the best we found while searching ideas for interfaces of our own. Maybe you can get a few ideas for yourself out of these UI Kits.

All of these are fully editable packs for Photoshop and consist of UI elements such as buttons, menus, sliders, checkboxes and input fields. You can utilize these elements in your websites and applications. These are especially good for mobile applications.

1) Black UI

This UI Kit here is a monochromatic theme and is simplistic. This affords it the flexibility to be used with a number of different text styles. We recommend using more curved and ribbon fonts with the UI elements. Feel free to make your fonts as thick as possible.

2)      Black 2

This is another UI kit named black. This one however is here because of its focus on ambient lighting. This lends it a feel of elegance. Try using slimmer fonts for this UI kit.


3) Black 3

Why not another black UI kit while we are at it?  This is a more TRON-esque style. Try to maintain medium strength on your fonts while using this kit.

4) Blitz

This neat little UI is to provide a simplistic white look. If you want to use mac inspired elements with a saturated feel you can try this. This adds a kind of retro feel with its shapes.


5)      Blue UI Touch

This one here is again a high saturation UI kit but it more focused on bringing attention to elements through contrast. Ideal interactive usage such as media players, and blogs.


6)      Chutzpah

Another saturated element but this one is more focused on saturated backdrops. This one however is however brings out the elements in sharp details through the shapes.


7)      Pandora

This collection of elements is inspired by the iOS. It is in fact specifically targeted for iOS developers for use in iPhone and iPad Applications.

8)      Flat UI

If you are looking for elements that can be used specifically for good website design then this is a great UI kit. A great feature about this is that you can implement it in html 5 with SVG images. SVG renders faster than conventional images and can be scaled very easily.

9)      Polaris UI

This is a very good UI kit if you want to design your interfaces around the look of windows 8 Metro UI. You can implement very large elements. Ideally suited for your Windows 8 and windows phone applications, you also a get a Linecons Icon Set with the UI kit.

10)   Transparant UI Kit

We are definitely going to cover at least one UI kit that is based on transparent.  While the kit cannot be used in every case we would say that it can look pretty stunning on certain Bokeh backgrounds.


All these kits are free to use at no charge at all. Most of them provide Photoshop files with vector shapes. That means you can modify your UI controls to any size of your choice.


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