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Google Developer Group Website Volunteered by Lets nurture

Posted on February 25, 2013 by letsnurture

Lets Nurture  believes  volunteering in community.  We are redesigning a website for two communities of Ahmedabad.  One is Helpline Education Trust & Second is Google Developer Group Ahmedabad .  Last Week Our Web Designing Team put some efforts and http://tracymartinphotography.com/order-propica designed GDGAhmedabad Logo & updated Google Developer Group Website gdgahmedabad.com

For those who do not know what is Google Developers Group. GDG is a group of digitaldoit.com volunteers who want to help people around their area to spread knowledge of open source technologies. We help people to http://excusemeletmespeak.com/discount-generic-viagra-online learn Open source technologies like Android, Google Maps, Various Google Apis, WordPress , Wikipedia and many other.


Next Event  GDGAhmedabad Organizing is Google Mapathon.

Let’s explore Google Maps API It’s a Hackathon kind event organized by Google Developers Group Ahmedabad

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