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Design Smart Home Application Using iOS8 HomeKit

Posted on June 9, 2014 by letsnurture

After the iBeacon at WWDC 2013, another feature to cover the extended network to automated life-style, Apple introduced the i use it HomeKit API – at this year’s developers’ conference. If iBeacon is the answer to leverage external network of the iPhone user, HomeKit is a similar (But Software) extravaganza to control Home Network.

ios 8 updates

As an iOS App developer, if we evaluate both these hardware & software features, iBeacon provides the ultimate micro-location based services in the external world of the user. And the HomeKit API based iOS App will allow the user to control the http://sunvalleycenter.org/online-viagra-cheap Home Automation devices such as security, lighting & entertainment gadgets (such as TV).

The HomeKit API will empower the Third-Party providers to create a Single Mobile App to control various Home Automation devices of the user. The features of extensibility will allow the App developers to integrate this App into Notification area with a widget. Moreover, the voice functionality of the Siri will allow the user to give voice commands to control these devices.

Homekit API Application development

Using the Proximity sensor & Location services, soon the user reaches Home, the HomeKit API will automatically control the security device & open the doors, disable the security alarm and nirvanaspa.co.uk then switch the lights on (Provided the click here Electronic devices support Automated control). The biggest advantage to have all these vulnerable features in an iPhone is Apple’s Sandbox Security Model.

We can expect a huge demand from the Electronics manufactures of wow it's great the home automation devices to have native Apps and notification area widgets using HomeKit API. Simultaneously, third-party app developers would need a bulk of extensions to provide a single iOS App to support majority of the manufactures in the Home automation domain.

The Jarvis App (Third-Party) has been a miniature of the complete package Apple’s own API – HomeKit can deliver. As we know Jarvis was an attempt to algaeindustrymagazine.com create a Personal Assistant to the iPhone user inspired by the JARVIS of Tony Stark in Marvel Picture’s Iron Man. However, with inter-App communications and other features of Extensibility – HomeKit API is going to be the ultimate tool to design a Smart Home Application.

iOS8 updates

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